Radical feminism believes that women are exploited by all men in society, as they are dominated by rules that purely benefit men.

Key ideas

-The family is the main source of women's oppression, and this is due to their biological traits: women have to bear children while men don't. Various methods should be introduced to lessen the pressure on women to bear children.

-By separating from men socially and sexually, gender equality can be achieved. A radical solution is needed to do this; this will likely take place in the form of a revolution.

Related sociologists

Shulamith Firestone

Laura Purdy

Germaine Greer


-Radical feminism does not post a solution about patriarchy that is either achievable or realistic.

-Ignores other forms of oppression due to race and social class.

-Ignores any positive relationship with men and focuses entirely on the negative relations in the family; according to radical feminism, one's father cannot be trusted.

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