Cultural diversity is a form of family diversity that focuses on the differences in family life caused by the ethnicity of the family members.

Examples of Cultural diversity

South African Family:


compare families in South Asia and in Britain

• Families in South Asia:

○  based traditionally around a man, 

○ family groups live in large multigenerational households

○ sharing domestic and production tasks. 

• Families in Britain: 

○ women were increasingly working outside home

○ Production less frequently family-based

○ Married couples expected more independence from their kin

○ Split into smaller domestic units to fit British housing 

○ Children experience 2cultures: conformed to British culture in society, conformed to ethnic subculture at home 

○Retained links with their origin in South Asia


  • Continue emphasis on loyalty to maintain traditional practices
  • Family honor was taken seriously
  • Paid work less important than caring for children
  • Father see their roles more of a traditional breadwinner
  • Conflict between different generation
  • Generally children seem happy to adhere to traditional patterns of family life

Caribbean Family:

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